As many of you know, I facilitate a group Kneipp training every Spring in Bad Worishofen Germany. This year was special for so many reasons! First of all we had a dedicated and enthusiastic group of participants. Secondly, we had Dr. Cathy Rogers with us, who provided a depth and lineage to the experience that was intangible, but palpable. Having Dr. Rogers with us was such an honor. She brought a vitality and wholeness to the experience. For those of you who may want to join us in the future, I want to assure you that it is my intention that Dr. Rogers join us as often as she wants to! Registration should begin in June for our 2018 trip. Due to a request from our participants, we anticipate adding a second week for those who have already taken the first week in 2018 , as well!

Lastly, this trip was special because my partner Sherry enjoyed the care and healing that Kneipp therapy provides. She was a wonderful “case study” that our students and docs could witness as they were training in Kneipp therapy! Sherry has significant right leg lymphedema that is secondary to a nephrectomy for a misdiagnosis of kidney cancer (2005). This impedes her mobility, which contributes to hypertension and issues with weight and fitness. After 2 weeks at our Kneipp KurHotel, she was walking without a cane, with as normal a gait as I have seen in years! She was relaxed, her blood pressure and weight decreased, and most of all she had hope again! It was profound for her to recall that her body had the capacity to heal, and to see such improvement in just under two weeks! Each of the students commented on how impressed they were with her progress in the week that they were there, and it gave them a sense of the importance and efficacy of this gentle natural therapy.

What was her therapy? It involved no supplements and no pharmaceuticals. She ate meat, dairy, wheat, lots of vegies, drank some wine, and ate wonderful ice cream and cakes. In terms of bang for your buck, with the level of improvement over just two weeks, even with airfare, and the cost of treatment and lodging, which includes all (really yummy) meals, it was a great deal! She had two appointments with the physician –about $75.00 total, 5 early morning cold water wraps on her leg (they come into your room at 5 a.m.) about $12.00 each, daily (except Sunday)bilateral cold water hip gusses- price included in the regular room rate, 5 lymphatic drainage massages-about $55.00 each, and two manual therapy treatments- about $40.00 each. She also had unlimited access to the swimming pool where she swam and did water walking regularly, and one integral part of Kneipp therapy, she rested. After each therapy, rest is strongly recommended.

It’s been two weeks back, and the improvement is still evident. I am doing twice weekly early morning cold water wraps, she has learned to do the hip gusses on herself every morning, and she already has lymph drainage/manual therapy treatments scheduled every two weeks. She plans to start frequenting the local pool for water walking and swimming.

Such is the power of Kneipp therapy, the roots of naturopathic medicine, the treatments that cured Lindlahr and Lust! I am so committed to our profession remembering this and having at least some of us able to provide it back in the States. It is cost effective and actively engages with the healing power of nature, resulting in a relaxed, empowered individual.

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