Herb and Hydrosol Classes

Crafting Hydrosols with an Alembic Still-Why and How

April 10th, 2021 10:30 a.m-4:30 p.m.



Come and learn the ancient art, science and practical uses of distillation with an alembic still!

In this introductory course, we will see why and how to produce high quality hydrosols at home, using a traditional copper alembic still. We will make a custom hydrosol, unique to our group, which everyone can take home. If time permits we will also make a seasonal single herb hydrosol.  A manual will be provided.

Quality hydrosols, made from local organic plants, are easier on our planet than most other forms of modern herbal medicine. Because of their fractal, holographic properties, they can be used successfully at lower doses. Using the alembic still, very high quality product can be made from the plants you grow at home or wildcraft. Because they are primarily water with very dilute amounts of essential oils and other constituents, they are also safe for children and pets. They are economical, safe, effective and sustainable! They can also be mixed with other herbal preparations such as tinctures, teas, cosmetic preparations and even used in cooking or crafting cocktails/mocktails! Dr. Welliver uses them regularly for hydrotherapeutic applications for mind and body. Properly stored, they have a long shelf life, providing the fresh flavor of a long ago harvested plant ally.

The class is an in-person class and will be held primarily outside at our teaching yurt on beautiful Marrowstone Island in the Salish Sea. Marrowstone is just 75 minutes away from the North Seattle/Edmonds area and includes a 30 minute Edmonds to Kingstone ferry ride with breathtaking views of the Cascades and Olympics. Car-pooling is encouraged if practical for participants. If you recently purchased an alembic still and want to bring it along to practice with, let us know!

Your instructor, Nancy Welliver ND, has been studying herbs since 1976. After 40 years of dancing with the plants she began to explore a previously unconsidered branch of incredibly effective, versatile and sustainable herbal medicines-hydrosols!

Due to Covid this class is strictly limited to 6 students (so register quickly) and masks will be required. We are happy to repeat this class throughout the Spring-Fall if there is demand. Contact us if you’re group wants to reserve a date!

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