Linen. The fabric. A hydrotherapist’s magic partner! Especially the linen used in the German-made Kneipp wraps. They form the basis for what I am starting to call my “Oh my gawwd, I feel AMAZING” wraps. The toweling or sheeting we use in the wraps made in the U.S. do an okay job, but the real deal linen makes it AMAZING! Linen has this weird ability to hold onto just the right amount of water. Of course this depends on the weave of your linen, and the German wrap makers have figured out the best weave to use. It’s really cool. When you squeeze the water out, you reach a point where no more can be wrung out no matter how hard you squeeze it. The water is held within the little spaces between the threads in the linen, and the only way out seems to be evaporation!


I should back up a little and talk about the “oh my gawwd I feel AMAZING” Kneipp wraps. Kneipp wraps are basically 2 (U.S.) or 3 (Germany) layers of fabric wrapped around some or all of your patient/client. The innermost layer, which contacts the skin, is wetted and thoroughly wrung out. All of Kneipp’s therapies are tailored to the person receiving the wrap, so they may be applied warm, or most often cold. These can be applied to any wrappable area, be it a foot, abdomen or whole body. My two favorite wraps are the lumbar wrap (lendenwickel), and the throat wrap (halswickel).

The throat wrap is my favorite because the good German ones are affordable enough to send them home with your patients/clients, easy enough for them to apply as needed at home, and super effective. I use them regularly for thyroid issues, any issues affecting the pharynx or larynx, including acute sore throats, and I have started experimenting with their use in sleep apnea and frequent migraines.

The lumbar wrap is my favorite because it is quick and easy to apply in office, once you are properly trained ( Kneipp Therapy Training for Holistic Practitioners ), covers most of the major organs, and the bulk of your lymph tissue. It can be beneficial for any acute or chronic health issue. I use it regularly for infertility, menstrual or other genitourinary problems in males or females, lymphedema or varicosities in the lower limbs, lowerback pain, nerve dysfunction in the lower limbs, gastrointestinal disorders of all kinds, most chronic immune issues like Epstein-Barr, Lyme, MS or lowered immune function, fatigue, malaise, depression anxiety. Really, the list is endless. I sometimes will do a short wrap (kurzwickel) which extends from the armpits to the thighs in place of the lumbar wrap (below breasts to thighs), depending on the individual, for these same conditions.

Why are they called “oh my gawwd I feel AMAZING” wraps? Because that’s what my patients always say when they get up from the table! If you want to learn more about the whys and hows of Kneipp wraps, join us for our Spring 2020 2 week training by going to  Kneipp Therapy Training for Holistic Practitioners and registering. Everyone that registers and pays a deposit by midnight on Dec 31st, 2019 will receive a free gift of a German halswickel and lendenwickel set!