1. Smart people learn best contextually. Learning Kneipp therapy where Kneipp developed it allows you to learn the skills and concepts wholly and profoundly. You will develop a connection to the roots of your medicine that will be unshakable!
  2. It’s a bargain! This was our first time budgeting for the 8 day Kneipp training in Bad Worishofen, and as the invoices roll in, I can guarantee that it will be 10%—20% more expensive in 2017!
  3. Professionally, you will be more successful and competitive, as you will be among the first to be U.S. practitioners, in the 21st century, to be trained in this amazing therapy! Spa therapies are trending and you will be ahead of the pack!
  4. You will be able to reduce your patient’s supplement intake and instruct them in simple, effective and affordable self-care practices. Since bringing hydrotherapy into my practice, I have reduced supplement use by 90% and botanicals by 50%! Good circulation enhances absorption and utilization, while decreasing need!
  5. You deserve some care, and on this trip you will receive treatments from the professionals at the Sebastianeum. And because you will be learning skills directly applicable to your profession, you may be able to claim some of the cost of the trip as a business expense, and receive continuing ed. Credits!

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