Kneipp Training Level 1 April 6-13, 2019

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Course Description

Come and learn the Kneipp method of healing in the quaint German village of Bad Worishofen, the home of Kneipp therapy! This eight day experience will include 5 days of training at the internationally recognized Kneipp Schule, lodging, excellent meals and daily treatments at the Sebastianeum, the first treatment center built by Fr. Kneipp. It was here that Benedict Lust, the founder of naturopathic medicine, was cured by Kneipp’s methods and was instructed to “do honor to the Kneipp movement in America”. We will also tour the town and the nearby sites of Stephansreid (Kneipp’s birthplace), and the historic Ottobueren cathedral where he was baptized and said his first Mass. We will have some relaxing time to walk in the woods and herb gardens of Worishofen’s extensive KurPark,  experiencing the benefits of the many lovely water treading facilities, the barefoot path, and the meditative gradierworks (sounds/vapors of gently falling salt water through small twigs situated in a sanctuary).

In the 5 day Kneipp course (26 hours), you will learn about Kneipp’s 5 Pillars of Health, which form the basis of naturopathic or holistic practice. You will also learn and practice many therapies adaptable to the small office or large spa facility, including wraps, compresses, gusses, ablutions, affusions, and baths, in a small group setting. Our amazing instructor, Uwe Steinacher, lead international instructor for the Kneipp Schule, will provide us with both didactic and practical knowledge, updated for the 21st century, so that we made provide these therapies to our patients and clients in the most informed manner possible.

Cathy Rogers ND, the 2016 recipient of the AANP’s Benedict Lust Award, will again be joining us during our time at Bad Worishofen. A leader in the development of the modern naturopathic profession, Dr. Cathy operated Chico Water Cure Spa on the shores of the Puget Sound for 14 years. For nearly 40 years she has practiced depth psychotherapy and trauma treatment in a body based approach, addressing root causes of health behaviors, and has lovingly integrated water therapy, psychotherapy and naturopathic medicine. She will be partcipating in the class as well as providing her valuable insight from those years of study and practice.

The trip coordinator, Nancy Welliver ND, has traveled to Germany and Switzerland frequently over the last 15 years, and has visited Bad Worishofen numerous times with students. She delights in bringing naturopaths and holistic practitioners there to experience their roots, seeing the best of their medicine lived out in a respectful culture, and learning these methods to bring back to their patients. She has used these methods every day in her practice since 2004, and can definitely say that the results in the last ten or more years of her practice far exceeded those of the first ten years.

A certificate of completion will be provided for CE (continuing education) documentation.

The “early bird”/NMSA price for this class is $2695, and covers room, meals, instruction, and tours. To secure your place, a nonrefundable deposit of $1000 is due upon registration. The class is limited to 13 participants.You pay in full, no later than March 1st, 2019.  Register Now!

Again, the cost of the trip includes meals, lodging, and instruction at the Kneipp School as well as entrance to the Kneipp museum, and the Kneipp trails and Bad Worishofen tours. Airfare and cost to and from Bad Worishofen are not included.   

The  “early bird”/NMSA registration cost of this course is $2695 and covers lodging, meals and instruction. An $1000 nonrefundable deposit is due upon registration  The registration must end Thursday Feb. 21st, 2019.  There are only 13 spaces available. You must pay in full, no later than March 1st, 2019. Register Now!

We also offer a second week of training immediately following the first week. Kneipp Training Level 2 is only open to those who have completed Level 1. If you register for both levels for 2019 the price is $4995!  Register Now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Kneipp Therapy?

Kneipp therapy grew out of the philosophy and practice of Sebastian Kneipp, a priest and somewhat reluctant healthcare provider who lived from 1821-1897 in Bavaria, Germany. Kneipp therapy has five pillars for regaining and maintaining health, which form the basis of holistic practice in most of the modern Western world. These five pillars are:

  1. Hydrotherapy– what Kneipp is most known for, generally including cold water or contrasting temperatures in the form of baths, sprays, and wraps.

  2. Herbal Medicine-primarily simple and accessible herbs used as teas and applied topically.

  3. Whole, simple, local, nutritious foods– Kneipp advocated a simple diet of whole foods obtained in his local farming region.

  4. Movement-Kneipp advocated hard, purposeful physical work, as well as gentle walks in the woods and meadows (especially barefoot), and water treading in streams. He recognized the importance of maintaining good blood circulation to health and Wellness.

  5. Life Balance-Kneipp was a pioneer in recognizing the impact of stress on health and Wellness, especially the stress of not attending to oneself, i.e. self-care. Taking the time for self-reflection, meditation/prayer, and connection with one’s life purpose was integral to Kneipp’s philosophy. He understood that one’s understanding of the deeper meaning of life allowed a healthier mental outlook, which impacted the physical body. This Mind-Body connection is the foundation of Kneipp philosophy and practice.

This sounds antiquated and basic. Why should I take this training?

The short answer is that Kneipp hydrotherapy is the most effective, incredibly safe and affordable holistic therapy there is. In addition, there are very few worldwide who remember how to provide this therapy, so if you’re looking for a way to differentiate yourself from all of the rest of the holistic practitioners, this is an unfilled niche. Lastly, this therapy and philosophy integrate easily into what you already know and do. The skills you gain give you another effective drug free option for decreasing pain, inflammation, and increasing healing and mobility in your patients/clients. It is great for acute and chronic, people of all ages, and performance level athletes. It’s even great for animals!

I have had such a wonderful time introducing holistic practitioners of all levels to Kneipp training in Bad Worishofen! From first year naturopathic medical students to those who have been in the field for nearly forty years, this trip is profound. I believe this is because of the immersive nature of the course. We basically are living Kneipp philosophy throughout the course. It goes far beyond the intellectual experience to provide the opportunity for a “rooted” understanding of holism. It is wonderful for beginners as they are given that foundation early, and gives them a lens to understand healing; it is wonderful for seasoned practitioners because it invigorates the excitement of the basic nature of healing that drew them into practice long ago.

Practically and intellectually speaking, Level 1 provides you with the philosophy of the five pillars and physiologic basis and ample practice of basic Kneipp hydrotherapy techniques, a lost art, especially in the U.S. Although at the end of one week you will not be able to call yourself “Badmeister”, you will be able to provide the most useful Kneipp therapies to your patients.

In Level 2 we will delve deeper into the herbal and Mind-Body aspects of the therapies, as well as learn and practice more wraps, sprays and baths. There are very few left in the States who know how to provide these therapies, and this training will give you a headstart on your colleagues.

Lastly, I have to say that in my 25 years of practice, I have found nothing quite as effective, in treating the root cause of disease, than Kneipp hydrotherapy, especially in combination with Kneipp/naturopathic philosophy as a whole. If you are tired of giving expensive supplements and chasing ever-changing symptoms, this course will provide a simple way to strengthen the person from the inside out, so that your patient/client is left with the increased vitality to heal themselves. Caution: the application of these therapies will cause your patients to become self-reliant, and in need of very little medical care. However, they will refer and refer….

Will the certificate of completion count towards fulfilling my continuing education requirements?

Maybe, it depends what professional license you hold, and what your specific state or national requirement is. WA state naturopathic physicians and massage therapists should be able to use the hours they completed for continuing ed.

What does the cost of the class pay for?

All of your lodging and meals, once you reach Bad Worishofen Germany, as well as all of the tours, and instruction. The transportation between your home and the Sebastianeum in Bad Worishofen is not included.

What airport is best to fly into?

Munich is the closest airport to Bad Worishofen. However, you may find cheaper transportation flying into other European hubs and taking the train or bus into Bad Worishofen.

What are the options in going from Munich to Bad Worishofen and back?

Bad Worishofen is about an hour to two hours from the Munich airport by train or taxi. The train station is at the airport and it will cost between 10-30 euro to travel one way. It is cheaper if you travel with friends as you can buy a group ticket. Information about the train can be found at the Deutsche Bahn website. Taxis will cost between 130-150 euro. It is best if they can be arranged ahead of time, so please let us know if you would like a taxi to meet you at the airport.

Is there time for sightseeing during the course?

We are scheduled from 7:30 a.m.-7 p.m. most days of the class. We will have one morning off each week for shopping or exploring. If you want to add on a few days to go sightseeing, it is suggested you arrange extra time before or after the course. If you’d like to stay additional days at the Sebastianeum or at their luxury hotel, the Kneippianum, let us know and we can help arrange that.