Learn the Theory and Practice of Natural Therapeutics, Herbs, and Kneipp Therapy

We provide classes to people from all walks of life, including practitioners, to explore and deepen their knowledge and application of natural therapeutics. Our flagship classes are in Kneipp Therapy, the foundation for most Western holistic therapies.

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Our Classes

Community School of Natural Therapeutics (CSNT) is expanding its offerings and extending its reach! We are partnering with the School of Essential Natural Therapeutics (SENT) and The Kneipp School of Physiotherapy in Bad Worishofen, Germany to offer some exciting online and in-person training in Kneipp Hydrotherapy! Our in-person classes will now also have some North American spa venues in addition to Germany. And we are developing practice sites for folks to get together and practice the skills they learned at our trainings.

We have also purchased 9 beautiful acres, mostly wooded, in the Port Townsend, WA area, where we will offer both online and in-person herbal classes and mentorships. As we develop our herbal gardens we also hope to host  composting and sustainable gardening classes.

Lastly, practicing these skills without a grounding in the philosophy, history and science of natural therapeutics will only go so far. Dr. Welliver will also be leading classes and providing mentorship in these subjects here and on her Patreon site Natural Therapeutics Matter <-> Energy.

Upcoming Kneipp Therapy Classes:

Our flagship classes are in Kneipp Therapy, the foundation for Western holistic therapies.

In 2024 we will be offering a Level 1 training at Murietta Hot Springs Resort in California from Monday June 24th-28th. 

A Level 2 course is being developed to take place in late September 2024 (price and registration pending) in Bad Worishofen Germany. A requirement for that course is completion of Level 1. If you have taken previous CSNT Kneipp trainings in Germany the Level 1 requirement may be waived.

In addition, starting in July 2024, practice sessions will be held in the Port Townsend area with Dr. Welliver to make sure that those valuable skills are not lost.

The five elements of Kneipp therapy practiced together provide the most amazing results I’ve seen in over 30+ years of naturopathic practice. And the cool thing is, that no matter your profession, if you have a license to touch, your clients will benefit from Kneipp!

These courses are open to all practitioners, and may qualify for continuing education credits, depending on the professional requirements in your state, province or country. Please see individual class pages for more information.


June 24th-28th, 2024 Kneipp Training at Murietta Hot Spring Resort

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Nancy Welliver ND, the lead instructor, has been practicing naturopathic medicine since 1992, and studying herbs, nutrition, natural lifestyles, organic gardening and natural philosophy since the 1970’s.

She has taught clinical and didactic classes at universities and colleges, continuing ed to professionals, and loves teaching the interested public, as well.

She comes from a holistic perspective and presents the information in a practical and achievable manner for the student.

All of our instructors are experienced in their respective fields AND experienced instructors, some having over 40 years in their professions.

Please consult our individual class pages for more information!

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The mission of the Community School of Natural Therapeutics is to provide classes to people from all walks of life, in all aspects of the theory and practice of holistic natural therapeutics. Our goal is to re-empower and inspire individuals in the health and wellness of themselves, their families, and their communities. Our hope is that our mission positively influences the health and wellbeing of our planet.

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