Kneipp Training Level 2 March 24-31, 2018


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Continue your training and practice of Kneipp hydrotherapy and spa medicine in this second level of training at the Kneipp Schule. This class is only open to those who have completed Level 1 with Uwe Steinacher through our school, and will include more wraps and gusses with specific indications and contraindications, and lots of practice!  We will stay, eat and receive treatments at the Sebastianeum, have a morning off to walk in the woods, do some watertreading, and shop for all things Kneipp! We will explore the other aspects of Kneipp therapy more deeply as well, and discuss how to put it into practice. Most importantly we will gather together as a community of practitioners interested in supporting one another as we re-invigorate the Kneipp legacy!

This year Cathy Rogers ND, the 2016 recipient of the AANP’s Benedict Lust Award, will again be joining us during our time in Bad Worishofen. A leader in the development of the modern naturopathic profession, Dr. Cathy operated Chico Water Cure Spa on the shores of the Puget Sound for 14 years. For nearly 40 years she has practiced depth psychotherapy and trauma treatment in a body based approach, addressing root causes of health behaviors, and has lovingly integrated water therapy, psychotherapy and naturopathic medicine.

The trip coordinator, Nancy Welliver ND, has traveled to Germany and Switzerland many times over the last 15 years, and has often visited Bad Worishofen with students. She delights in bringing naturopaths and holistic practitioners to experience their roots, seeing the best of their medicine lived out in a respectful culture, and learning these methods to bring back to their patients. She has used these methods every day in her practice since 2004, and can definitely say that the results in the last ten or more years of her practice far exceeded those of the first ten years.

A certificate of completion will be provided for CE purposes. Register Now!

To secure your place, a nonrefundable deposit of $800 is due upon registration. The class is limited to 14 participantsJust 5 spots left!!! The cost of the trip includes meals, lodging, and instruction at the Kneipp School as well as entrance to the Kneipp museum.. Airfare and cost to and from Bad Worishofen are not included.  

The cost of this course is $1995, and covers lodging, meals and instruction. A $800 deposit is due upon registration  You must register, and pay in full, no later than Feb. 16th, 2018.   Register Now!

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