Intro to Kneipp Therapy Theory and Practice Rescheduled!

A full day of learning about Kneipp therapy has been RESCHEDULED. WE WILL POST THE NEW DATE SOON. You will be introduced to all of the five elements of Kneipp therapy, and learn the theory of how Kneipp hydrotherapy works. In the afternoon, we will practice some of the Kneipp therapies easily done in a small office setting using only a nearby sink. This class is limited to 12 participants, and we will have two European trained TA’s in addition to Dr. Nancy Welliver, so that there will be lots of individual help available through the practical portion of the course. You will leave with skills and knowledge that you can apply easily as home or office therapies.


About the instructor: Dr. Nancy Welliver  has been a naturopahic physician for over 25 years specializing in “Roots” naturopathic medicine particularly herbs, hydrotherapy, homeopathy and lifestyle counseling. She has had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Germany and Switzerland multiple times to attend and lead trainings since 2000. Currently she travels to Germany twice a year with naturopathic students, doctors and holistic practitioners from around the world to learn Kneipp and European Spa Medicine.


About Kneipp Therapy: Kneipp therapy grew out of the experience and teaching of Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1896) and forms the basis for North American naturopathic and holistic medicine. The founders of naturopathic medicine, Lindlahr and Lust, recovered their health in their work with Sebastian Kneipp and returned to America to continue his work. Kneipp Therapy is defined today by the five Elements of Kneipp, which are hydrotherapy, herbs, whole foods nutrition, regular physical movement, and life balance. His system was developed for easy home applications which have been modified over time for clinical or spa settings. These therapies lend themselves to the small holistic, massage, physical therapy or naturopathic offices as well to larger spa settings.

Cost: $150 general; $100 for those who have completed Kneipp Training Level 1 or 2 at the Kneipp Schule in Bad Worishofen Germany.